A Different Kind of Criminal Defense Lawyer

We strive to provide an easy client experience because your lawyer should reduce your stress, not add to it.


Client-Centered Criminal Defense

Everything we do is centered around you as the client. We understand that facing a criminal allegation can be terrifying and frustrating. That understanding guides everything we do. We seek to bring compassion and care to every interaction. Beyond that, we work hard to educate our clients about their case from the law to the legal process to what they can expect as possible outcomes. Don’t take our word for it, take a few minutes to read about your case. You can access – for free with no obligation – pages dedicated to most case types. To learn more about your case, go to About Your Charge in the top navigation bar of any page on our website.

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We’re available Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm Central Standard Time.


Our Practice Areas

We represent people facing state and federal criminal charges in:

Dallas County

Collin County

Denton County

Tarrant County

Northern District of Texas (federal court)

We do not handle class C misdemeanors (fine-only citations like traffic tickets). 

Our Team

Mike Howard Attorney

Mike Howard

Legal Assistant to Lawyer Mike Howard

Kelsey Carbary

Legal Assistant
Legal Assistant to Lawyer Mike Howard

David Johnson

Legal Assistant


We don’t just say that we value our clients and strive to provide not just the best result but the best possible client experience to them. We live it. Our clients and their family members say it better than we ever could.


  • You deserve to know what you are going to pay and what it covers. Unlike a lot of attorneys who bill hourly, attorney Mike Howard uses exclusively flat fees, giving you cost-certainty. No hidden fees for court appearances, motions, et cetera. Because you shouldn’t pay for what you don’t need, we break down our fess into a non-trial fee and a trial fee. The non-trial fee covers everything up to the point of setting a case for trial. The trial fee is only due if your case is set for trial. 





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